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Update 16 November 2023

Carla is the definition of insanity. She continues to do the same thing expecting a different result. Carla or her representative has submitted a second complaint attempting to shut down our website. This time she at least seems to have learned the difference between libel and slander. Whilst Carla may not like content critical of her, the content is either truthful or honest opinion. Carla should have thought about how she treated people and how she would feel should she be treated the same way. Carla is a vicious individual who calls individuals partners workplaces defaming them then dispatches the police to their house when they complain to her management. The only thing disgusting and dangerous about this situation is Carla. Anyone who weaponises the police for personal gain and attacks individuals by defaming them to their partners businesses and friends is disgusting and dangerous. Stay away from Carla. Perhaps Carla will eventually figure out that this website is protected speech and will not be shut or taken down.

Carla threatens our web host in attempt to take down content critical of her claiming the matter is with the police.

Carla taking notes on how to discredit and attack customers who make complaints to projects she is managing. Credit:<>

Carla Poggioli is at it again! This time she, or her representative, contacted our website hosting provider threatening them to claim this site reveals personal information line and is a slanderous attack. Of course, this content will not be removed, and we are considering further legal action for her false statements made to the web hosting provider, mainly that she insinuates the information we posted is protected (when it is all public information) and that we have broken the law, namely by making slanderous remarks (which we have not). Thankfully, our web host is extremely supportive of our fight against bad actors like Carla!

As anyone with half a brain or the ability to use Google would know, nothing on this website is in violation of any law and is protected by the United States Constitution. Also, someone forgot to tell Carla that libel is written, and slander is spoken, but either way we’ve not made a single statement that could remotely be classified as defamatory as every statement is either based on the truth or honest opinion.

I wonder if the next step for Carla will be a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP suit). We’re ready to litigate any claim against Carla as she is only person defaming anyone.

Any company employing Carla is opening themselves up to significant legal and reputational risk.

We’ll say it again. If you are a company looking for someone serve as your projects Community & Stakeholder Engagement Director, stay well away from Carla. All Carla seems to know how to do is to continue to escalate a situation. She starts calling your family and friends telling them you broke into their email to submit a complaint, then when that does not she calls the police to your house saying she felt threatened. Then when that information is published online she begins to attack the press for posting truthful but critical information about her. This is abhorrent behaviour for someone who is supposed to be skilled at defusing issues she certain has shown a proclivity towards anger and escalation. She does not seem to know when to stop.

To put it bluntly, Carla should focus on trying to do her job as she clearly is having issues if she’s spending time attacking websites and those who complain about her projects. Perhaps some training on the law and how to interact with those you disagree with would serve Carla well. Perhaps someone should send her some instructions on how to use Google before going on her next rampage.

Carla seems to be insecure with her own skills which is why she is out there throwing stones whilst living in a glass house.

To be very clear, Carla had numerous opportunities to resolve issues with community members in a cordial and appropriate fashion. Instead, she escalated against them continuing her attacks. When they defended themselves in a legal fashion, she weaponised the police. When they responded by publishing what she did, she filed a misleading complaint with our web host! We’re excited to see what missteps Carla will make next.

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  • Chris says:

    Carla pulled this same business to me. I tried to tell her there were noise issues, and she just kept repeating the same bs repeatedly without actually doing anything. When my neighbours complained she said that it was me forcing them to complain. Trying to avoid accountability with the Goverment it seems.

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